Welcome to the Nicholson 31 Association. The Nicholson 31 Association was formed in May 2004, 28 years after the launch of the first Nicholson 31, to bring together owners from around the globe.

The aims of the Nicholson 31 Association are:

  • to keep owners in touch with one another
  • to bring as many owners into the fraternity as possible
  • to provide a forum and source of information for owners
  • to provide a news bulletin for members
  • to promote an annual meet for owners

Membership - Join Us

Any Nicholson 31 owner wishing to join the Nicholson 31 Association, or anyone wishing to contact the Association, should email the Honorary Secretary.

As a first step for those wanting to join, consider completing and sending to the Hon. Sec. a Membership Application (and Boat details) Form

Annual membership subscriptions is £25.00

Associate membership subscription is £15.00 for:-

  • Co-Owner of a Nicholson 31, in support of the main owner who is a Nicholson 31 Association member
  • Regular Crew of a Nicholson 31
  • Former Member of the Nicholson 31 Association
  • Those interested in the Nicholson 31 Association

Class flag (optional) £22.00

Overseas owners please ask for further information on payment

Meet the Officers of the Nicholson 31 Association

Latest News

Southampton Boat Show:

All are invited to join Ian (Hon. Treasurer) and Michael (Hon. Secretary) on Thursday 17thSeptember 2020.



The membership of the Association is now numbered at 42, last achieved twelve years ago.


 Roles within the Association:  

We have several roles within the Association that require some attention, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The role of Archivist was originally held by Jeremy Lines, and although Jeremy is no longer with us the story of the Nic 31 continues. We need someone who can help collect and collate the historical and present day details of our fascinating yachts and their owners.

The Forum contains a large reservoir of information, and is accessed regularly by many people. There is some work to do promoting the Forum and getting the individual input that has proved to be invaluable for both present and future owners.

We have a 'Boats for Sale' page which requires someone of an enquiring mind to search out examples of the Nic 31 being offered for sale - this helps members, prospective owners and members, and provides invaluable historical information for the Association. At the moment you can apprently bid on a Nic 31 on eBay in America...............

To become our Archivist or Forum Reviewer or Press Officer or Boat Sales monitor contact Michael (hon.sec@nicholson31.com).


Decenber 26th

The following may be of particular interest to our most adventurous band of sailors and those who can get to London.

The Nicholson 32 Association’s class captain, Simon Braunholtz, has extended the following invitation to us: -

“Our Annual Dinner (and AGM) will once again be at the Naval Club in Mayfair, on 10 January.  Our speaker will be Tony Curphey, who returned after
his solo non-stop circumnavigation earlier this year.  It should be a fascinating evening and is always convivial set in a very interesting venue. 
We would be delighted if Nicholson 31 Association members would like to join us.

It is being organised by Nick Yonge (nick@yonge.co.uk) and he would be pleased to hear from your members.  The price is
£55 per head for a very good three course meal, including a glass of port to toast the Queen (all very naval).  Other drinks must be bought

Unfortunately, I cannot get along as I will be away.  When you have signed up, please let me know if you are happy for me to share your details with
any other Nic31 member attending, and afterwards it would be great to have your impressions of the evening.

(Michael Wright)
Hon. Secretary
Nicholson 31 Association


October 6th

The password for the Members Area has undergone it's annual change, anyone with any access problems please get in touch with the Webmaster. The site is in the process of some minor upgrading over the next few weeks, please bear with us and hopefully some useful additions will be available shortly.

The Newsletter has been published and circulated by our hard-working Hon. Secretary (copies sent out via email and also available in the members area). 


June 9th

Don't forget this year:

Log Competition.

Some sterling entries for last year were shared through the Newsletter. We're looking for entries for 2019 so don't forget to record some interesting details alongside Lat. Long. Speed and Direction......... Competition closes in February 2020 so there'll be plenty of time for the write-up after the season draws to a conclusion. 


June 8th

The website has now been updated for 2019, and I only managed to crash the system once.......

I would ask that everyone checks their entries in the Members Lists - if there is something that doesn't look right (numbers or email) or shouldn't be there then please let me know as soon as possible.

There is further material required to update the GDPR Policies, I will let you know when this is available.

Mitch (Hon Webmaster)