Welcome to the Nicholson 31 Association. The Nicholson 31 Association was formed in May 2004, 28 years after the launch of the first Nicholson 31, to bring together owners from around the globe.

The aims of the Nicholson 31 Association are:

  • to keep owners in touch with one another
  • to bring as many owners into the fraternity as possible
  • to provide a forum and source of information for owners
  • to provide a news bulletin for members
  • to promote an annual meet for owners

Membership - Join Us

Any Nicholson 31 owner wishing to join the Nicholson 31 Association, or anyone wishing to contact the Association, should email the Honorary Secretary.

As a first step for those wanting to join, consider completing and sending to the Hon. Sec. a Membership Application (and Boat details) Form

Annual membership subscriptions are £15.00

Class flag (optional) £22.00

Overseas owners please ask for further information on payment

Meet the Officers of the Nicholson 31 Association

Latest News

28th September:

A warm welcome back to Roger McCombie and #073 Taladh.

We haven't seen Taladh around for a few years, and judging by the issue that Roger has raised on the Forum he is suffering a similar problem to Seal Morning - a non functioning B and G sender. Does anyone have a sender that has been superseded, an idea of where one might be found or is there a different head that can be modified????? Answers on the forum please.........


12th September:

The Association has two new members to welcome:  David Oakley, the new owner of #033 Shalom and Eric Witheridge, the new owner of #098 Darteign.

#033 Shalom was on the 'last information list' as Eudocimus, and David reports that he picked her up in Holland in early May and eventually reached Plymouth by the end of June (via Ouistreham, Cherbourg and Poole). There will be adjustments to be made over the winter in preparation for an some extended cruising next year.

#098 Darteign is currently cruising around Wales, Scotland and Ireland for 3 months, and Eric will be basing her in Cardiff.

Congratulations to both of you, we look forward to hearing about your extended delivery trips in due course.......


11th September:

The Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer are hoping to attend the Southampton Boat Show on Thursday 20th September. If you are there then please call/text Michael on 07768 037965 to arrange to meet up.

10th September:

Seal Morning has returned from her travels, and is back on the North coast of Ireland for the winter; we had an interesting summer cruise which visited Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. Over a thousand miles of cruising were completed during July and August, with many adventures and encounters en-route. There have been some photographs posted on the Association Facebook page, and I'm hoping that more will be forthcoming from other members in due course.