Welcome to the Nicholson 31 Association. The Nicholson 31 Association was formed in May 2004, 28 years after the launch of the first Nicholson 31, to bring together owners from around the globe.

The aims of the Nicholson 31 Association are:

  • to keep owners in touch with one another
  • to bring as many owners into the fraternity as possible
  • to provide a forum and source of information for owners
  • to provide a news bulletin for members
  • to promote an annual meet for owners

Membership - Join Us

Any Nicholson 31 owner wishing to join the Nicholson 31 Association, or anyone wishing to contact the Association, should email the Honorary Secretary.

As a first step for those wanting to join, consider completing and sending to the Hon. Sec. a Membership Application (and Boat details) Form

Annual membership subscriptions is £25.00

Associate membership subscription is £15.00 for:-

  • Co-Owner of a Nicholson 31, in support of the main owner who is a Nicholson 31 Association member
  • Regular Crew of a Nicholson 31
  • Former Member of the Nicholson 31 Association
  • Those interested in the Nicholson 31 Association

Class flag (optional) £22.00

Overseas owners please ask for further information on payment

Meet the Officers of the Nicholson 31 Association

Latest News

24th September

Day 8 at the Boatshow -

French Passages, Khamis #045 and Liberty Jane #095


23rd September

Day 7 at the Boatshow -

The Future, the Boat and the Association


22nd September

Day 6 at the Boatshow -

Sailing Maine, USA, Blueprint #113; Bill Roesner


21st September

Day 5 at the Boatshow -

Cruising UK, Liberty Jane #095; Michael Wright


20th September 

Day 4 at the Boatshow - 

Atlantic Crossing, Misty Ord #047; Jack Gifford & Alice PreĢat


18th September 

Day 3 at the Boatshow -

Argentina or Bust, Darteign #098; Eric Witheridge


17th September 

Day 2 at the Boatshow -

Nic31 Design and Development; Michael Wright


16th September

Day 1 at the Boatshow - 

Dolly V #092, Ownersip Since New, Alex Moore.


14th September

Details of the presentations programme for the Boat Show amended: Daily schedule


2nd September 

Raymond Wall, the Honorary President of our Association and designer of the Nicholson 31shares his reflections on his creation......

Reflections on the Nicholson 31



5th February 2022

2022 the year to get involved

We will need to replace our retiring Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer before the end of this year, and our remaining Officers will need support.

The urgent need is to revitalise our Forum as the definitive pool of captured knowledge and experience.

Come with new ideas to develop and adapt what we do and how we do things. Don't hold back to getting involved - YOUR ASSOCIATION NEEDS YOU. 

Rest assured, our retiring Hon. Treasurer & Secretary will remain until smooth hand-overs are achieved.

Further details of the posts are available on the site - check out the Officers of the Nicholson 31 Association page, the 'Officers Duties' are linked to there.